Make'N'Break (eng)


Object of the Game

The cards show pictures of structures which the players have to copy against the clock. The more successful they are, the more points they receive. 


Game Play:

The player whose turn it is places the ten building blocks in front of him and the stack of shuffled building cards face down to the side.

He rolls the die and the player on his left sets the timer to the number rolled. To do this, the stop button is pressed and the dial turned to that number.

When the builder says "start", the player with the timer presses the start button on the timer and the builder starts building.


The builder turns over the top card on the stack and immediately starts to copy the building shown on it.

If the picture shows only grey blocks, the builder has to be sure his construction is in the correct order, but the colors do not to match.

If the construction has been completed correctly and the timer is still going, the builder turns over the next card and starts to build with all the building blocks at his disposal.

If the other players indicate that the builder has built something incorrectly, he must correct the error before he can turn over the next card and begin a new construction.

Note: Ensure that the builder has sufficient building cards. If they run out, shuffle the used cards and place them on the table before the builder begins to build.

When the time expires, the builder totals the number of points on his completed building cards and receives that amount in tokens.


If the picture shows colored blocks, the builder has to copy the construction with all colored blocks in the correct places.

Incomplete cards are placed on the used stack together with the completed cards.

After scoring, the building blocks, the stack of building cards, and the timer are all passed on to the next player.

End of the Game

The game ends when every player has had four turns. The player with the most points is the best builder and wins the game.